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Can we increase height by 3 inches in 7 days?- English


We all love to be taller socially!
You may see various advertisements or videos on YouTube that one can increase their height by 3 inches in 7 days and this is just not right and scientifically not possible.
This is just not possible not even before we are still going through our growth spurt or after our final height is achieved.

“While we are in a process of gaining our height, 60% genetics play role in gaining height. People who come from China & India to US, their children gain excellent height.”

And this book will tell you why and how?

If you want your child to be taller, attain their maximum height, then this is the book for you.

  • During teenage, once we have gone through puberty. Our long bones grow and attain the complete height then one thing is sure that we cannot gain height after this.
  • Growth hormone is important for height and for essential increase of growth hormone, sleep is important.
  • Height is an important factor in our life and as per Indian tradition or in arranged marriage height plays an important role.
  • This book will tell you we can increase our height only before our long bones growth in length is complete.
  • This book will recommend all the factors, medical health and the hormones which are important for attaining our maximum possible height.
  • Gender is also important because male and female hormones do play a role in developing, in maximizing our height.

This book will also tell you how much height we gain over years.
If you think height has a correlation with weightlifting or stretching, this is the book you should read.

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