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Two fundamental elements of dating/living together/marriage Book 2 of 2- Money and Money- English


  • Basically, this is a book about two fundamental elements of dating/living together/marriage.
  • Two most important fundamentals in marriage are intimacy and money.
  • This book is written by a physician, M.D., and it may feel to you that this is not a medical book, but to be honest, it is.
  • This book focuses on your healthy mental health, persistent happy family health, marital health and financial health.
  • Our life in 2021 is very dynamic, very complex, and we are highly emotional people.
  • Whether we date, live together, or marry, there is a relationship between two people and these two facts, Intimacy and Money, they are the most important reasons for us to either be happy in that relationship or very unhappy in that relationship.
  • Almost always, the most important reason for a couple breakup/ separation, and especially in a marriage for divorce is, these two issues- Intimacy and Money.
  • All the studies have shown that if couple treats each other with respect, trust, and are equal partner, then risk of infidelity is very low and you will have an enjoyable relationship.
  • These are the two important issues. Young couples sometimes do not talk or discuss about it. Both of the partners involved, whether in dating/living together/marriage, have to understand that sooner they address these both issues, happier they will be and it will lead to stability of their relationship.
  • So, in the first book, we have written whenever couple comes together, obviously common sense says it, but medically speaking, psychologically speaking, Intimacy is the most important factor in relationship.
  • Intimacy does not have to be a physical intimacy only. More than physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is more important and if you are not happy with each other, or you are having constant conflicts with each other whether it is about money or it is about intimacy, you will find it very difficult to be intimate with each other or you will feel insecure when it comes to money issues.
  • Every psychologist will tell you about the facts which we have written in this book.
  • Whenever you two cannot come to an agreement, you can always and you should seek counseling, especially if you want to continue relationship whether it is dating, living together, or eventually getting married.
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